WP3: Industrial Process Monitoring

The goals of this workpackage will be the development of novel sensing approaches and laser sources aimed at highly sensitive detection of gas and liquid samples involved in industrial processes. Sensing approaches like intra-cavity QEPAS for highly sensitive target gas measurements or PTS for detection of water in organic solvents will be developed. At the same time, improvement in the laser sources will be pursued by realising novel hybrid laser and single mode interband cascade lasers.

Tasks will include: an intra-cavity QEPAS sensor with a QCL source, able to target both 12CH4 and 13CH4 for isotope analysis; a liquid phase PTS Mach-Zehnder interferometer; and a number of novel laser sources such as external cavity hybrid lasers, tunable lasers based on silicon-nitride resonant cavities, GaSb-based laser diodes grown on Si, and single mode interband cascade lasers.

WP3 Objectives

  • Realisation of intra-cavity QEPAS and intra-cavity PTS sensing systems with few parts-per-trillion detection limits
  • Demonstrate the potential of PTS in liquids by detecting trace amounts of water in organic solvents, a key task in the chemical (pharmaceutical) industry

ESR Projects in WP3

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Project 3.1

Intra-cavity QEPAS for isotope analysis

Project 3.2

2D materials for hybrid laser wavelength tuning

Project 3.3

Trace water detection in organic solvents using PTS

Project 3.4

Hybrid III-V lasers on silicon for low-cost MIR gas sensing

Project 3.5

Single-mode interband cascade lasers for petro-chemical process monitoring